English Vocabulary Words
with Meaning


The students (children) attempting to understand and learn the meanings of the words at the early stage, feel and become confused with the technicalities of the pronunciations.
Every word has been put in alphabetical order. English language has the bliss of flexibility and adaptability. Always and invariably, some words differ in referential contexts. Every possible effort has been made to adhere to practical use and make the meanings of some abmiguous words clear.

This Dictionary unlike the other Dictionaries is practically more useful and blissful. Some worth learning and retaining phrases, sayings, sentences, and use of double clauses etc. are the deliberate conspicuous characteristics of this Dictionary.

Who knows what the blooming brains can learn and retain if they make the deliberate maximum advantage of this Dictionary, meant for the growing, eager and inquisitive.



English wordsMeanings
bettermore than good. The same word also means more clever or skilful than someone else
betweenin a space, in or withing tow
bewareto be very careful about something that may be dangerous, like a fierce dog or railway lines
bewilderto puzzle someone or make him not sure what to do
bewildermentstate of being confused, perplexed, bewildered
bewitchto enchant, fascinate, entice, overpower by charms
beyondfarther on, or farther away
biba cloth tied around a baby’s neck, to stop food getting on his clothes
biblea holy book
bicyclea tow-wheeled vehicle with a saddle
bidto command or invite; to make an offer
biglarge; important
bigamythe crime of having two wives or husbands
billa written note of how much money is owing for work which has been done, or for something which has been bought. The same word also means a bird&rsuqo;s beak
billiardsa game played with hard balls and long sticks called cues, on a table covered with thick green cloth
billy-goata male goat
bina container for corn, bread, coal, or rubbish
bindto fasten or tie together
bindingcompulsion, the cover and sewing of a book
bingoa game of lucky numbers that can be played by lots of people at once, in a hall or theatre
binocularsa kind of double telescope with tubes for both eyes
bircha tree with smooth, silvery or white bark
birda winged animal covered with feathers
birdcagea small cage for a pet bird
birthcoming into life, being born
birthdaythe day of the year when you were born
bisectto divide in two equal parts
bita small piece of something
bitcha female dog
biteto take a piece out of something with your teeth
bittertasting sharp and sour; not sweet or sugary
bizarreodd, fantastic, quaint
blackthe darkest colour of all. Coal is black
blackberrya small juicy black fruit which grows wild
blackbirda black songbird with a yellow beak
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