English Vocabulary Words
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The students (children) attempting to understand and learn the meanings of the words at the early stage, feel and become confused with the technicalities of the pronunciations.
Every word has been put in alphabetical order. English language has the bliss of flexibility and adaptability. Always and invariably, some words differ in referential contexts. Every possible effort has been made to adhere to practical use and make the meanings of some abmiguous words clear.

This Dictionary unlike the other Dictionaries is practically more useful and blissful. Some worth learning and retaining phrases, sayings, sentences, and use of double clauses etc. are the deliberate conspicuous characteristics of this Dictionary.

Who knows what the blooming brains can learn and retain if they make the deliberate maximum advantage of this Dictionary, meant for the growing, eager and inquisitive.



English wordsMeanings
allowto permit or let
alloya mixture of two or more metals
allrightgood; safe and sound, agreed
allyto combine, associate, join in friendship or marriage
almanaca book that gives information about the weather and other things that may happen in the days, weeks and months of one year
almonda kind of flat nut that grows inside the fruit of an almond tree
almostnearly, but not quite
almsdonation, gifts to the poor
almsofferings, food, clothing, money given to poor.
aloneall by yourself with nobody else
aloofat a distance, apart
aloudout loud; the opposite of silent
alphabetall the letters used in a language, arranged in a special order
alreadysooner than expected
alsatiana large wolf-like dog
alsoas well as too in addition
altara kind of raised table inside a church
alterto make a change in something, to make or become different in some way
alterationa change
althougheven if; in spite of
altogetherentirely, quite, on the whole
aluminiuma lightweight, silver-coloured metal
alwaysat all times; forever
amassto collect in quantity, accumulate, heap up
amateursome who plays games or takes part in something without being paid because he likes doing it
amazeto surprise greatly
ambassadordiplomatic representative sent by one state to another
ambitiona wish to do very well, or to have power
ambleto walk along slowly
ambulancea special car for taking people who are ill or hurt, to hospital
amongin the midst of
amounta quantity; the sum reached when several things are added together
ampleof a large size; in plenty
amuseto make others smile or laugh by something you say or do
analogyprocess of reasoning based on partial similarity.
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