English Vocabulary Words
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The students (children) attempting to understand and learn the meanings of the words at the early stage, feel and become confused with the technicalities of the pronunciations.
Every word has been put in alphabetical order. English language has the bliss of flexibility and adaptability. Always and invariably, some words differ in referential contexts. Every possible effort has been made to adhere to practical use and make the meanings of some abmiguous words clear.

This Dictionary unlike the other Dictionaries is practically more useful and blissful. Some worth learning and retaining phrases, sayings, sentences, and use of double clauses etc. are the deliberate conspicuous characteristics of this Dictionary.

Who knows what the blooming brains can learn and retain if they make the deliberate maximum advantage of this Dictionary, meant for the growing, eager and inquisitive.



English wordsMeanings
ashamedovercome with shame;
asideto one side; apart
askto put a question to someone
asleepsleeping; not a wake
aspersionslander, calumny
aspirina pain-killing medicine, usually in white tablets
assa donkey, an animal rather like a small horse
assembleto meet together, as when the whole school is called together for assembly
assertto affirm, maintain, dclare
assessto rate, estimate value of property, fix value
assignappoint to a position, task. Give as their share of work or responsibility.
assignedallot as a share.
assignedto give authority to
assistto help
assistanta helper; someone who serves in a shop
associateto join one in company, combine, keep company with
assortedof many different kinds
assuageto soothe, calm, pacify, appease
assureto make certain, safe, sure, to confirm
astrologera fortune-teller who studies the stars
astrologythe study of the stars as a way of telling yourfortune
astronautsomeone who travels in space
astronautone trained to travel in a spacecraft
astronomera scientist who studies the stars and other bodies in the sky
astronomythe scientific study of stars and other bodies in the sky
athletesomeone who is good at sports and games
athletespersons trained for competing in sports
atlasa book of maps
atmospherethe air that is around the earth
atoman extremely small particle of anything
attachto fasten, join or tie together
attackto make a move to hurt someone or something
attainto gain, accomplish, achieve, obtain
attemptto try; to make an effort
attendto be present. The same word also means to listen carefully to someone
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