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English wordsMeanings
artdrawing, painting and sculpture, the same word is also used when something is done with great skill
apartnot together, separate
apartmenta room of a house, a flat
artificialinsincere, manufacture, not natural
artfulcunning; clever in a rather sneaky way
articlea thing of a particular kind, such as an article of clothing. The same word also means a piece written in a newspaper or magazine
artista person who paints or draws pictures
awardto give someone something he has won, like a prize or medal
braggartboaster, a vain fellow
cartoona short funny film or drawing in a newspaper
cartridgea case for holding the gunpowder and bullet to be shot from a gun
charta map, usually of the sea
darta kind of small arrow thrown by hand
dartboardthe target at which you aim in the game of darts
departto go away or leave place
departmenta part or section of a shop, office or factory
earththe planet we live on; the world. The same word also means the ground in a garden or field
earthquakea violent shaking of the earth’s surface
gartera ring made of elastic which keeps a stocking from falling down
heartthe part of your body which pumps the blood around inside you
hearththe floor of a fireplace
kindergartena school or class for very young children
large heartedgenerous, liberal, munificent
parta piece of something. The same word also means to have someone
particlea tiny bit or piece of something
particularsingle or special. The same word also means fussy or very careful
particularto make one person or thing particular buy name or mention
partnera person who shares equally or who plays or works with another person
partridgea plump wild bird rather like a small pheasant
partya lot of people all together having a good time
quarta measure of liquid equal to tow pints
quarterone-fourth of anything, a fourth part
ramparta mound of earth round a place, a defence
smartclever; quick to learn: well dressed, stylish
startto begin: to move suddenly
startleto make a person or animal start with sudden fear or surprise
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