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English wordsMeanings
eatto chew and swallow food
beatto hit over and over again; to keep regular time in music. The same word also means to do better than another person or team in a game or a race
beneathunder something
bleatthe crying sound made by a lamb, sheep or goat
breaththe air that is taken in and forced out by the lungs
breatheto take air into the body and force it out again
cheatto do something that is not honest or right, like copying someone else’s answers during a test
createto make or bring into being
creatormaker or producer
creaturea living thing, such as a brid, insect or other animal
deaththe end of life
defeatto beat someone at a game; to conquer
featan act of great skill or strength
featherpart of the wing or the soft coat of a bird
greatlarge; big. The same word also means important or famous
heatto make something hot
heatersomething that produces heat, such as an electricfire
heathan open area where nothing much grows expect small shrubs; a moor
heathena person who does not believe in God. Sometimes heathens worship idols
heathera small wild plant which has white or purple flowers. It often grows on moors and heaths
leatherthe skin of animals, used to make things like shoes and gloves
meatthe parts of animals that are cooked and eaten
mincemeata mixture of chopped-up fruit, nuts, raisins and other things, cooked in pastry, usually at Christmas time
neattidy; in good order
recreationsomething people like to do in their spare time, such as sport or gardening
repeatto say or do over again
retreatto go back or run away from danger
seata piece of furniture for sitting on
sheatha scabbard; a cover for the blade of a sword or knife
sweatthe moisture that comes from your skin when you are not
sweatera heavy knitted jersey
theatrea building where plays are acted
threatento warn someone that you are going to punish or harm him
treatto act in a certain way towards someone or something. The same word also means a special outing or present for which you do not have to pay
underneathin a lower place; under something
weathertemporary change in climate or season. The weather can be wet or dry, hot or cold
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