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English wordsMeanings
icewater which has been frozen hard by the cold
advicecounsel, personal opinion, personal view
bodicethe part of a dress from the neck to the waist. It is usually close-fitting
cowardicewant of courage, timidness
dicea pair of small cubes with different numbers of spots on each side. They are used in games like ludo and snakes and ladders
edificelarge building, a structure
ice creama frozen food made with milk and sugar
issuea result; a problem. The same word also means to send or give something out
jaundicea disease with yellowness in the eye and skin, loss of appetite
juiceliquid in oranges, lemons, tomatoes and other fruit and vegetables
licencea special piece of printed paper that you must have before you can do certain things. You need a licence to own a gun, to drive a car
licenseeone to whom licence is granted
magnificencepomp, grandeur in appearance, splendour
magnificentsplendid; very grand
micemore than one mouse
nicekind; friendly; pretty; pleasant
noticeto see something. The same word also means a printed piece of paper announcing something.
officea building or room where people work with business papers
officersomeone who commands others, as in the army, navy or air force
policea group of men and women whose job is to see that the laws of the country are obeyed. If you see someone breaking the law, you can ask the police to do something about it
post officethe place where you buy stamps and licences. It is also the place where all letters and parcels are sorted before they are delivered
practicesomething done over and over until you are good at it, like throwing a ball, or playing a musical instrument
precipicea steep cliff
pricehow much money you have to pay for something
rejoiceto feel full of joy; very happy
ricethe seeds of a food plant that grows in hot countries. Rice grains are hard, but become soft when they are cooked
slicea flat piece cut from something, like a slice of bread or cake
spicedried or powdered flavourings for food, usually tasting and smelling strongly
facticethe science and art of disposing forces in order for battle, adroit management of a situation
vicea blemish, fault, moral failing
voicethe sound that comes from people’s mouths when they speak or sing
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