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legthe part of your body which joins on to your food. You have tow legs. The same word also means one of the pieces of wood that hold up a table or chair
allegeto assert, affirm, plead in excuse
collegea place where you can go on studying after you have left secondary school
lacea string used to fasten shoes. The same word also means material with a pretty pattern of holes
lackto be in need of something you have not got. If you are hungry, you lack food
lagto follow along slowly behind others
lakea very large pool of water with land all around it
lashto hit someone with a whip; to tie up firmly
lassa girl
laughto make a noise to show you feel happy or think something is funny
lazynot wanting to work or make any effort
leakthe accidental escape of liquid or gas from a hole or crack in a pipe or container
legacya particular thing given by last will, a bequest
legenda story from long ago which may or may not be true
leggingsa covering of cloth or leather for your legs in cold weather
legiona large group of soldiers; a large number
lickto touch something with your tongue, like a lollipop or an ice cream
liketo be fond of or be pleased with. The same word also means the same or almost the same
lilaca large garden bush with sweet-smelling white or purple flowers in the spring
locka strong fastening for a door or gate that can only be opened with a key
loga thick round piece of wood. The same word also means a ship’s diary
lookto watch or try to see
loosethe opposite of tight, not properly fastened
loseto fail to have something
lucksomething that happens by change. You can have good luck or bad luck
luckyhaving good luck
luggagethe cases, trunks or bags you take your clothes in when you travel
telegrama short message which you give to the post office to send by telegraph
telegrapha way to send messages quickly by electricity
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