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English wordsMeanings
milky waythe broad luminous band of stars encircling the sky
milky waythe galaxy of which our solar system is a part
milkthe white liquid that is used to feed babies. Most people drink cow’s milk
milchgiving or kept for milk. Mammals kept for giving milk.
muleshybrids between horses and donkeys
alwaysat all times; forever
awaynot here or with you; absent
castwaya person who has been shipwrecked
doorwaythe frame into which a door is fitted
highwaya public road
highwaymana robber on horseback who held up travelers on the road in olden days
motorwaya special road for fast traffic
railwayvery long parallel bars of metal that make a road or track fro trains to run on
subwayan underground passage for pedestrians: an underground electric train
swayto swing or move from side to side
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