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English wordsMeanings
ownto have something that belongs to you
browna colour. Chocolate is brown
browniea junior member of the Girl Guides. The same word also means a kind of goblin who is supposed to help with housework
clowna man in a circus. He has funny painted face and makes us laugh
countdownthe counting backwards of seconds of time before a rocket is fired
crownthe gold head dress worn by a king or queen
dressing-gowna garment which you wear over you night dress or pyjamas
drownto die under water because there is no air to breathe
frownto wrinkle your forehead when you are angry or not pleased
gowna woman’s dress. The same word also means a long loose-fitting robe or cloak
grown-upfully grown, adult
knownfamous, understood, familiar
nightgownanother word for nightdress
oniona bulb-like vegetable with a strong smell and flavour
splashdownthe landing of a space capsule in the occean
towna lot of houses and buildings together. It is larger than a village
upside-downturned over, with the top part underneath
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