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rama male sheep. The same word also means to push hard or crash into something
bramblea blackberry bush
caramela kind of sweet, like toffee, made with sugar and butter cooked together until the mixture is sticky and brown
diagrama plan or drawing to show what a thing is, or how it works
epigrama concise witty poem, a pointed and short poem
framethe wood or metal around something, like a window or a picture
frameworkthe outline or main parts of something that the rest is built on to
grammarthe study of the way people put words together when they speak or write
grammea very small weight, the thousandth part of a kilogramme
gramophonean instrument on which you can play records of music or words; another word for record-player
kilogrammea unit of weight, equal to 1,000 grammes
prama four-wheeled vehicle for babies and very young children, pushed by hand. The word is short for perambulator
programmea printed paper giving information about a performance
pyramida solid shape with flat triangular sides, usually on a square base
raindrops of water that fall out of the clouds
rambleto stroll about for pleasure. The same word also means a long walk in the country
ramparta mound of earth round a place, a defence
rayona man-made silky material. Dresses, blouses, ties and other clothes are often made of rayon
remainto stay behind or to be left
rhyme(say rime) words that have the same sound at the end, like blue. Zoo and shoe
rimthe outside edge of something round, like the rim of a wheel
roamto wander about
rooma part of the inside of a house such as a bedroom or kitcheen
ruinto spoil or destroy; to make something useless. The same word also means an old building that is falling down
ruma strong drink made from sugar cane
runto move quickly on your feet
scrambleto climb up on rough ground, usually using your hands and feet
telegrama short message which you give to the post office to send by telegraph
trampto walk heavily. The same word also means a person who wanders from place to place, often sleeping out of doors and begging for money from other people
trampleto tread heavily on something
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