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English wordsMeanings
readyable to do something at once; prepared
alreadysooner than expected
radiateto send out rays of heat or light: to spread out in many directions from a centre
radioan instrument that brings broadcast music and other people’s voices through the air from far away
raida quick surprise attack
ratan animal like a large mouse, with long sharp teeth
ratehow fast something happens. The same word also means how much you pay for something
ratiorelation or proportion, rate
readto understand printed or written words
reda bright colour. Fire engines are usually red
reeda tall stiff grass that grows in or near water. Reeds are usually hollow
rewardsomething you get in return for something you have done, such as a prize for winning a race
ridto remove entirely
rideto be carried on a vehicle or an animal
riota noisy disturbance by a lot of people, often dangerous and violent
roada hard level surface with no trees or buildings in the way, so that vehicles can get from one place to another
roda long thin stick or bar, usually of wood or metal
rootthe part of a plant or tree that grows underground
rotto go bad or decay
route(say root) the exact way you go to get from one place to another
rudethe opposite of polite; bad-mannered. The same word sometimes means rough
ruta deep track made by a wheel in soft ground
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