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English wordsMeanings
shieldsomething you hide behind or hold up to protect yourself from attack
salada mixture of cold vegetables, such as lettuce, tomatoes and beetroot. Often cold meat, fish or eggs are added to salads, and some salads have fruit in them
salta while powder we get from the earth and from sea water. It is used in cooking or at meals to make food taste better
saluteto greet someone, usually by raising your right hand to your forehead
scaldto burn yourself with a very hot liquid or steam
slatea kind of stone used for roofs
sleda vehicle with metal or wooden runners, that moves easily over snow-covered ground
sleetrain mixed with snow or hail
slideto move smoothly down or along on something
slita long thin cut
slota narrow opening, usually in a machine, for something like a coin to fit in
solidhard and firm all through, not hollow or liquid
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