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English wordsMeanings
tina silver metal. The same word also means a container made of tin
coatinga layer of paint, cloth of coats
continualkeeping on; frequent
continueto go on doing something, or to begin doing something again
continuouskeeping on without stopping
distinctseparate; clearly seen or heard
everlastingeternal, enduring for ever
excitingsomething which made you feel strongly is exciting. You can feel excited if something nice is going to happen
greetinga welcome; a kind which often written on a birthday or Christmas card
guillotinemachine for beheading
instinctan ability to do things without being taught. Baby ducks are able to swim by instinct
interestingattracting or holding your interest
matinee(say matinay) an afternoon performance of a show
meetingcoming together for a purpose
mutinyrefusal by soldiers, sailors or airmen to obey their officers
nightingalea small brown bird whose song is even more beautiful at night than in the daytime
obtinatewanting your own way; stubborn another word for get
outinga pleasure trip or walk
paintinga coloured picture painted on paper or canvas
satina soft shiny material
slantingnot straight; up and down; sloping
stingthe sharp part of an insect, like a pin, which can hurt you
tamenot wild; able to live with human beings as pets, like tame rabbits
tanthe brown colour of your skin when you have been out in the sun for a long time. The same word also means to make animal hide in to leather
teama group of people all helping each other in a job or game
teemto be aboundant; to be full to overflowing as when a river teems with fish
thinnot wide or fat; the opposite of thick
timeseconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years
tinglea prickly feeling
tinkera man who mends pots and pans
tinklea small ringing sound
tinsellong strips of silvery sparkling material which are used to decorate Christmas trees
tinyvery, very small
tona measurement of weight. One ton is equal to 2,240 pounds
tonea sound, usually musical. The word also means used to describe the way a person’s voice sounds, such as a harsh or a sweet tone of voice
towna lot of houses and buildings together. It is larger than a village
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