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English wordsMeanings
attendanta helper or servant in a public place, such as a car-park, theatre or cinema
attentionact of attending sincerely, sincere inclination
attentiveheedful, concentrative, inclined to concentration
attica room just under the roof of a building
attractto make something or someone come nearer
attractivecharming; lovely; having the power to make people want to be near you
attributewritten or said by.
auctiona public sale where things are sold to the people who offer the most money for them
audiencea group of people listening to or watching something like a play or a concert
auntthe sister of your father or mother
authoritythe power to control what other people do. The headmaster of a school has authority over the teachers and pupils
autobiographythe story of a person’s life written by himself and not by someone else
automobileany vehicle with an engine, meant to be driven on the road
autumnthe season between summer and winter, when the leaves fall
availto benefit, be of use, make use of
availuse, access, handy, prepared.
avenuea wide street or pathway, usually with trees on both sides
avenuea wide street or pathway, usually with trees on both sides
avertto keep off, ward off, turn aside
aviarya place where birds are kept
aviationthe art of flying aircraft
aviatora pilot who flies an aircraft
avoidto escape; to keep out of the way of something
awaitto wait for or look for
awakenot asleep. You can hear and see what is going on around you
awardto give someone something he has won, like a prize or medal
awareknowing about something, as when you are aware of the danger of crossing a road with heavy traffic
awaynot here or with you; absent
awegreat fear and wonder; great respect
awfulvery bad, ugly or nasty
awhilefor a short time, for a moment
awkwardclumsy, The same word also means not convenient or not comfortable
axea sharp tool with a long handle, used for chopping wood
axisa real or imaginary line through the middle of an object; around which the object turns
axlethe long bar on a vehicle to which the wheels are attached
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