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English wordsMeanings
activedoing something; being busy or lively
actora man or boy who acts in a play or film
actressa woman or girl who acts in a play or film
actualreal; not imaginary
acutecritical, sharp, keen
addto put something together with something else; You add tow and two to make four
additionsomething added; the act of adding
additionalextra; added to something
addressthe name and number of your house and the street and town where you are living. The same word also means to write or speak to people
adenoidstwo small fleshy lumps at the back of the nose
adeptskilled, proficient, expert
adequatesufficient, enough, suitable
adjustto accommodate, fit, settle
admirto think very well of some one or something
admiralthe highest of the officers in the navy
admirala very important officer in the navy
admissionentrance, confession
admitto agree that something is so. The same word means to allow someone to come in
adotrouble, fuss, difficulty
adoptto take and accept as a child, embrace
adoreto love intensely, worship
adornto beautify, embellish, deck
adulta person who is fully grown up
advanceto move forward
advantagegain, favourable condition, benefit
adventurean exciting or dangerous thing that you do or that happens to you
advertiseto announce, publish, inform
advicecounsel, personal opinion, personal view
advocatebarrister, pleader, lawyer in favour
aerialthe metal rods or wires which receive or send radio or television signals
aeroplanea flying machine
afarfrom a distance, at a distance
affaira happening or an event
affectto do something that causes a change
affectiongreat liking; fondness
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