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English wordsMeanings
adulta person who is fully grown up
advanceto move forward
advantagegain, favourable condition, benefit
adventurebold, exciting journeys or activities
adventurean exciting or dangerous thing that you do or that happens to you
advertiseto announce, publish, inform
advicecounsel, personal opinion, personal view
advocatebarrister, pleader, lawyer in favour
aerialthe metal rods or wires which receive or send radio or television signals
aero-astrorelating to the air and stars
aerobaticsFeats of flying performed for an audience
aerobaticsthe performance of aerobatic feats by airmen.
aeroplanea flying machine
afarfrom a distance, at a distance
affaira happening or an event
affectto do something that causes a change
affectedmove emotionally.
affectiongreat liking; fondness
affordto have enough money for something you want to buy
afieldin or on the field
afloatfloating on the water
afooton foot, on the move, in action
afraidfrightened; full of fear
afterlater; behind; following on
after-wardsat a later time
aftermathconsequences, unpleasant.
afternoonthe time between midday and sunset
againonce more
againstin an opposite direction to; on the opposite side to
agethe number of years something or someone has been alive, or has existed
agendathings to be done, issues to be discussed and passed, matters to be discussed and decided
aggregatedtotal, sum, gross, whole, crushed stone formed of a mass of different particles or minerals.
aghastterrified, struck with fear, amazed
agilelively; nimble
agopast, gone by
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