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English wordsMeanings
alefttowards the left side of hand
alertwide awake; active or watchful
algebraa branch of Mathematics in which you use letters as well as figures
alibian excuse by someone that he could not have done something, because he can prove that he was somewhere else when it happened
alightin flames; burning
aliveliving; not dead
allthe whole of everything or everyone
allayto calm, to put down, to lighten, soothe
allegeto assert, affirm, plead in excuse
alleya narrow passage between buildings in cities and towns
alligatora dangerous animal very like a crocodile, but with a shorter nose
allotto distribute by lot or as shares
allowto permit or let
alloya mixture of two or more metals
allrightgood; safe and sound, agreed
allyto combine, associate, join in friendship or marriage
almanaca book that gives information about the weather and other things that may happen in the days, weeks and months of one year
almonda kind of flat nut that grows inside the fruit of an almond tree
almostnearly, but not quite
almsdonation, gifts to the poor
aloneall by yourself with nobody else
aloofat a distance, apart
aloudout loud; the opposite of silent
alphabetall the letters used in a language, arranged in a special order
alreadysooner than expected
alsatiana large wolf-like dog
alsoas well as too in addition
altara kind of raised table inside a church
alterto make a change in something, to make or become different in some way
alterationa change
althougheven if; in spite of
altogetherentirely, quite, on the whole
aluminiuma lightweight, silver-coloured metal
alwaysat all times; forever
amassto collect in quantity, accumulate, heap up
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