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English wordsMeanings
analyseto examine closely, critically
anchora heavy iron hook which is attached to a ship by a chain. When it is thrown over the side, it digs into the sea bed and stops the ship from moving
ancientof times very long ago
ancientbelonging to past time, former age
anemiabloodlessness, lack of blood
angela messenger from God
angerrage, wrath, annoyance, resentment
anglethe corner made when tow lines meet at a point
angryvery cross; in a bad temper
animalany living creature which is not a plant
animatedinspired, motivated, lively, vigorous.
animated moviesmovies made using a series of drawings
anklethe thin bony part of your leg just above your foot
anniversarya day which is remembered each year for something special which happened once, like a wedding anniversary
annotateto make notes on, comment
announceto make something known by telling everyone
annoyto make someone rather cross
annualyearly, a book published every year, lasting a year
anoraka waterproof jacket, usually with a hood
anotherone more; a different one
ansiona very large house
answeranything said or written in reply, usually to a question
anta small isect
antarcticat or around the South Pole
anthema piece of music sung by a church choir. The same word also means the national song of a country.
anti-clockwisethe opposite direction to the way clock hands move
antipathynatural dislike, aversion, opposition
antiqueancient, old fashioned, very old
anviliron block on which metals are worked. Block, forge, plate, support, hollow.
anvilan iron block on which pieces of metal can be hammered into shape
anxietyworry; a feeling of fear about something you think might happen
anxiousworried or afraid about something you think might happen
anysome one (indefinite)
anythinga thing of any kind
anywhereat any place
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