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English wordsMeanings
apartnot together, separate
apartmenta room of a house, a flat
apathywant of feeling, indifference
apea large monkey without a tail
apexthe highest tip of something, such as the top point of a triangle
apologyregretful, realization, expression of regret
apparatusa collection of things that help you to do something, such as ropes and bars in a gymnasium
appealto ask for help
appearto come into sight
appearancethe way someone or something looks to you; the coming into sight of someone or something
appetitethe desire to eat
applaudto show you like some entertainment or performance by clapping your hands together
applea round red, green or yellow fruit which grows on a tree
applicantone who applies
appointto fix time or place, to employ, to nominate
appreciateto admire, praise, to rate highly
approachto go nearer to someone or something
appropriatedsuitable, proper. Take for one’s own use without permission.
approximatenearly correct
apricota fruit which looks like a small yellow peach
aprona piece of cloth which you tie around you to keep your clothes
aptappropriate, proper, suitable
aptappropriate, proper, suitable
aquariuma container, usually a glass tank, where fish and other water animals are kept for people to look at
arca part of a circle, a curved line
arc-lighta lamp lit by an arc of electricity
archa part of something usually a building, that is curved, such as the top of the doorway or window
archeryshooting at a target with bow and arrow
architectsomeone who designs and plans buildings
archivescollection of documents or records.
arcticat or around the North Pole; very cold
ardenteager, intense, keen, burning
arducusneeding and using up much energy. The same word also means requiring a lot of effort
areathe extent of space on the ground or on a floor
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