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ardenteager, intense, keen, burning
areathe extent of space on the ground or on a floor
arenaa large open space with seats all around, where you can watch games or sports
argueto give reasons for or against something which is being discussed
argumentreasons for or against your opinion about something; a discussion
arightto the right side, rightly, without mistake
ariseto get up
arithmeticworking with numbers, like adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing
arkthe house boat which saved Noah and his family and the animals from drowning in the Flood. The same word also means a chest in which holy books are kept
armthe part of your body between your hand and your shoulder
armadaa great fleet of warships
armadilloa small animal with an armour-like covering
armamentforce, military equipment
armcaira chair with sides on which to rest your arms
armoura covering usually made of metal, to protect the body in battle
armpitthe hollow place under the top part of our arm
armswar-weapons, such as guns and cannons
armya large group of soldiers
aroundon all sides
arouseto wake someone or stir him into action
arrangeto put in a special order
arrayto adorn, decorate, dress one self, put in order
arrearoutstanding or unpaid debts or work
arrestto stop, apprehend, to catch attention of to seize by legal authority
arroganthaughty, assuming
arrowa thin straight stick made of wood with a sharp pointed tip. You shoot it with a bow
artdrawing, painting and sculpture, the same word is also used when something is done with great skill
artfulcunning; clever in a rather sneaky way
articlea thing of a particular kind, such as an article of clothing. The same word also means a piece written in a newspaper or magazine
artificialinsincere, manufacture, not natural
artista person who paints or draws pictures
ascendto go up; to move upward
ashthe powdery stuff left when something has completely burned up
ashamedfeeling shame
asideto one side; apart
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