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English wordsMeanings
cabthe place in an engine or lorry where the drive sits. The same word also means a taxi
cabbagea vegetable with green or purple leaves growing tightly together in a round ball
cabina small house or hut made of logs or other rough materials. The same word also means a room for passengers on a ship or aeroplane
cabineta kind of cupboard with glass doors where you keep ornaments or collections of things, a council of ministers
cablea very strong thick rope, sometimes made of pieces of wire twisted together
cacklethe loud excited noise made by hens
cactusa plant with thick leaves and stems, often covered with prickles, which grows in hot dry countries. You can also grow small ones as house plants
cada mean vulgar fellow
caddlya small airtight box to keep tea in
cadeta boy or young man who is learning to be an officer in the army or navy or air force
cafe(say caffay) a place where you can buy a meal or a snack; a small restaurant
cafeteriaan eating-place where you fetch your own food from a counter
cagea box or room with bars, where birds or animals are kept
cajoleto coax, persuade by flattery
cakea sweet food made of flour, eggs and sugar and baked in an oven. The same word also means a small flat lump of something, like a cake of soap
calamitysomething awful that happens, like an earthquake or an aeroplane crash in which many people are killed or hurt
calculateto adjust, estimate, arrange
calendara list of all the days and a dates in each week and each month of a year
calfa young cow or bull. The same word also means the thick part of the back or your leg below the knee
callto shout or cry out. The same word also means to stop at someone’s house for a short time
callousunfeeling, hardened, hard
calmquiet; still. The same word also means not getting upset or excited when something unusual happens
camela big animal with a long neck and one or tow humps on its back. It carries people or things from place to place in some hot countries
cameraa kind of box for taking photographs
camouflageto disguise something so that it is hidden from the enemy
campto live outdoors in a tent. The same word also means the place where the tents are set up
campaignorganised course of action, series of operation
cana small airtight metal container for food or liquids. The same word also means to be able to do something
canarya small yellow bird kept as pet because of its sweet song
cancelto revoke, set aside, abolish, suppress
candlea rounded stick of wax with a wick through the middle. It burns and gives light
candlesticka holder for a candle
canethe hard stem of plant or small palm tree. The same word also means a light walking stick
canela very big ditch, dug across land and filled with water so that ships and boats can move along it
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