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English wordsMeanings
daffodila yellow spring flower shaped rather like a trumpet
daftfoolish or silly
daggera short sword
dahliaa garden plant with brightly coloured flowers
dailyevery day
daintypretty; delicate
dairya place where milk, butter and cheese are kept
daisya small field flower with white or pink petals around a yellow centre
dalelow ground between hills; a small valley
dama special kind of wall which checks a flow of water
damageharm or injury
damnationeternal punishment in Hell, Condemnation
dampslightly wet
danceto move in time to music
dandeliona wild plant with bright yellow flowers
dandya man who spends a lot of time on his clothes and the way he looks
dangerrisk; the opposite of safety
dangerousnot safe
dangleto hang loose, hover about a person
dareto have the courage to do something
daringfull of courage; plucky
darkwithout light. When the sun goes down, the sky grows dark
darlingsomeone dearly loved. We may call a person or animal we love, darling
darnto mend a hole by sewing it over with wool or cotton
darta kind of small arrow thrown by hand
dartboardthe target at which you aim in the game of darts
dashto rush suddenly. The same word also means a short straight line in writing, like this
datea time when something happens; a certain hour, day, month or year. The same word also means a sweet sticky fruit with a stone
daughtera female child of a father and a mother
dauntto discourage, intimidate, frighten
dawa bird of the crow kind
dawnthe first light of day
daythe time between sunrise and sunset
dazedbeing confused or bewildered
dazzleto blind someone for a short time by suddenly shining a strong bright light into his eyes
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