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English wordsMeanings
geographythe study of the surface of the earth and the people and animals living there
geometrythe part of mathematics to do with lines angles and figures such as triangles and circles
germa very tiny bit of animal or plant life that you can only see under a microscope. Some germs cause diseases
getto receive; to fetch. The same word also means to become, as when we say someone will get well, or get rich
ghostthe spirit of a dead person
gianta very big strong person, usually in fairy
giddyhaving a feeling that things are going round and round
gieto hand something over freely to someone else
giftsomething which is given as a present
giganticenormous; giant-like
giggleto laugh in a silly way
gingerthe root of a plant. It tastes spicy and makes your mouth feel hot
gingerbreada cake or biscuit which is made with ginger
gipsysomeone who belongs to a race of dark people who originally came from India. Gipsies wander from place to place and usually have no permanent home. The word is sometimes spelled gypsy
giraffea tall animal with a very long neck
girdera long heavy piece for metal or wood used to strengthen buildings, bridges and parts of railways
girla female child; a child who grows up to be woman
glaciera mess of ice that moves very slowly down a mountainside
gladpleased; happy
glancea quick look
glarea dazzling bright light. The same word also means to stare angrily at someone
glassa hard materiel you can see through. Windows are made of glass
gleamto shine, but not brightly. Old metal gleams when it is polished
glideto move smoothly and easily; to flow gently
glidera light aeroplane which can fly for some time without an engine after being launched
glimmerto shine faintly and unsteadily
glimpsea very brief sight of someone or something
glintto gleam or glimmer
glistento shine or gleam
glitterto sparkle, to reflect light brightly
globea round object, like a ball or the world
gloomydark; dim: miserable; the oppsite of cheerful
glovea covering for the hand. It fits around each finger
glowto burn without flames; to give out a steady light
gluea strong paste which sticks things together
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