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English wordsMeanings
incha measure of length. There are 12 inches in one foot
incidentsomething that happens; an event
includeto count something in: to contain
increaseto get bigger or more in number
indexa list in alphabetical order, usually at the end of a book. It shows the numbers of the pages where things are mentioned in the book
indignantannoyed or angry about something you think is wrong
indoorsinside a building; the opposite of outdoors
industryhard work, the same word also means making things in factories
infalliblenot fallible, not liable to fall, certain (used only for God)
infancyearly childhood, first age of anything
infanta baby; a young child
inflammableeasily set on fire
informto tell or give information
informationfacts told to someone or given in a book; knowledge
infuriateto make very angry
inhabitto live in or occupy
initialthe first letter of a word or name
injctiona prick, usually in the arm with a hollow needle. Through the needle a liquid medicine is pushed into your bloodstream to make you better, or to stop you from getting an illness
injureto harm or hurt
injurya hurt or wound
inka coloured liquid used with a pen for writing
inna small hotel where travellers can stay, and where they can buy food and drink
innocentwithout guilt
inquireto ask. The word also spelled enquire
inquirya question; a seeking of information. This word can also be spelled enquiry
inquisitiveeager to find out about something curious; nosey
insecta very small animal with six legs, Ants, bees and beetles are insects
insidewithin; not outside
insistto demand; to say or ask over and over again
inspectto look carefully at something; to examine
inspectorsomeone who examines things to make sure everything is all right. The word also means a policeman who is in charge of other policemen
instalmentone of the parts of a serial story or film: one part of the money owed for something you pay for bit by bit
instantlyat once; without delay
insteadin place of
instinctan ability to do things without being taught. Baby ducks are able to swim by instinct
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