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English wordsMeanings
instructto teach or inform someone
instrumenta tool. The word also means something which makes music
insultto say something rude or hurtful
intelligencethe capacity to know, knowledge imported or acquired
intelligentbrainy; clever at learning
intendto mean to do something, as when you intend to pay someone back
intensevery great
interesta wish to know more about something
interestingattracting or holding your interest
interfereto meddle; to hinder; to try to stop something from going on
interruptto break in on something which is happening, like starting to speak when someone is already speaking
intervala period of time between two events, such as a ten-minute in a play
interviewa talk with someone, often broadcast or reported in a newspaper
introduceto tell people each other’s names when they meet for the first time. The word also means to bring a new idea into what you are talking about or doing
introductioninitiative discourse of understanding
invadeto go into a place by force, as when an army invades the enemy’s country in wartime
invalida person who is ill, illegal, wrong
inventto think up, or make something which is completely new and has never been thought of or made before
invisiblenot able to be seen
inviteto ask someone to come to your home or to go somewhere with you
irona strong grey metal. The same word also means a tool that takes the wrinkles out of clothes
irritateto annoy or make angry. The same word also means to itch
islanda piece of land with water all around it
isleanother word for island
issuea result; a problem. The same word also means to send or give something out
italicsa kind or lettering that slants to the right, as these words do
itcha tickling felling on your skin which makes you want to scratch
ivyan evergreen climbing plant
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