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jabto poke or stab at something suddenly
jackala wild animal that looks like a dog
jacketa short coat. The same word also means a loose paper cover on a book
jaggedhaving sharp and rough edges
jaguara fierce wild animal, rather like a leopard
jailanother word for prison. Sometimes the word is spelled gaol
jalapa purgative medicine
jamfruit cooked together with sugar until it is thick and soft
jara pottery or glass container with a wide opening
jargonconfused unintelligible talk
jaundicea disease with yellowness in the eye and skin, loss of appetite
javelina light spear thrown from the hand
jawone of the two large bones your teeth grow in
jealouswishing you had something someone else has; full of jealousy
jeanstrousers made of a strong cotton cloth
jeepa small open motor vehicle used by the army
jeerto make fun of someone in an unkind way
jellya transparent wobbly food, usually fruit-flavoured
jerka short sudden movement
jerseya tight-fitting knitted pullover with sleeves
jestto say something to make people laugh; to joke
jeta rush of liquid or gas through a small opening in a pipe or hose. The same word also means a kind of aeroplane without propellers
jewela valuable stone, like a diamond or emerald
jewellerynecklaces, bracelets, rings, brooches and other ornaments made of jewels and precious metals, such as gold and silver
jiga jolly dance
jigsawa fine saw that can cut wood or cardboard into small curved and straight pieces
jigsaw puzzlea puzzle made of odd-shaped pieces cut by a jigsaw. You have to put them together to make a picture
jinglea clinking tinkling sound made by coins or bells
jobwork done, usually for money
jockeya boy or man who rides a horse in a race
jocularhumorous, sportive
jogto move along more quickly than walking, but not so fast as running. The same word also means to give a little push, as when you jog someone’s elbow
jogtrota slow easy trot, monotonous, a slow routine
jointo put together or fasten. The same word also means to become a member of a group, such as a club or a choir
jointthe place where two parts of something grow or are joined together
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