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kafira member of the most important dark race in south Africa
kangarooan animal which can jump a long way. It has a pocket for its babies
keela heavy piece of wood or metal that goes along the bottom of a boat or ship from one end to the other
keenvery interested in something. The same word also means sharp; cutting
keepto hold on to something and not give it away. The same word also means the strongest, inside part of castle
keepersomeone who looks after or guards something, like a gamekeeper or a keeper at the zoo
kennela small house or shelter for a dog
kernelthe inside part of a nut that can usually be eaten
kerosenea lamp oil from petroleum
kettlea metal container used for boiling water. It has a lid, a handle and spout
keya small piece of metal, specially shaped so that it will open a lock. The same word also means a lever on a piano or typewriter
keyboardthe keys of a piano, organ or typewriter, arranged in order
keyholda hole specially shaped so you can put a key in it
kickto hit something or someone with your foot
kida young goat. The same word also means a child
kidnapto take someone away by force
killto cause someone away by force
kilogrammea unit of weight, equal to 1,000 grammes
kilometrea unit of length, equal to 1,000 metres
kindfriendly; good to other people. The same word also means sort or type
kindergartena school or class for very young children
kinga man who rules a country usually because his family did so before him
kingdoma country ruled by a king or queen
kippera herring that has been salted and then dried in a special kind of smoke
kissto touch with your lips someone you like
kitall the gear needed; a complete outfit
kitchena room where cooking is done
kitea toy made of paper or cloth on light wood. It can be flown on the end of a string when it is windy. The same word also means a bird of prey
kittena young cat
knacktrick of doing a thing
knapsacka bag for food and clothes that you carry on your back
knavea man who is not honest
kneethe joint in the middle of you: leg
kneelto get down on your knees
knickersshort underpants worn by girls and women
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