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English wordsMeanings
nabto catch or seize suddenly or unexpectedly
nagto keep on scolding or finding fault
nailthe hard part at the end of a finger or toe. The same word also means a thin sharp piece of metal used to join pieces of wood
nakedwithout clothes or covering
namewhat a person or thing is called
nanny-goata female goat
napa short sleep
napkina square piece of cloth or paper used to wipe your mouth and fingers when you are eating
narcissusa spring flower, white or yellow, that smells very sweet
narcoticsubstance which relieves pain and produces sleep
narrateto tell or relate orally or in writing
narrowslim; thin; not wide
nastynot nice; not pleasant
nationall the people living in one country under one government
nationalbelonging to one nation or country
nativea person born in a particular place or country
nativesimple, artless
naturalnot man-made
natureeverything in the world that is not man-made
naughtynot doing what you should; behaving badly
navigateto steer or guide a ship or aeroplane
navya nation’s warships and the sailors who run them
nearclose to; not far away
nearlyvery closely; almost; not far from
neattidy; in good order
necessaryhaving to be done; needed
neckthe part of your body between your head and your shoulders
necklacea sting of beads or thin chain worn round the neck
nectara sweet juice found in some flower blossoms
needa demand of the situation. Scarcity, hardship of
needlea long, thin pointed piece of metal used for sewing. There are also special needles for knitting
nefariouswicked in the extreme, infamous, atrocious
negativemeaning or saying no
neglectto forget or be careless about looking after something
neighthe cry a horse makes, usually when it is frightened or excited
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