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English wordsMeanings
returnto come back again or give something back
revealto show something that is hidden or secret
revengeto get your own back on someone who has hurt or injured you
reversethe opposite; the other way
revoltto rebel against authority
revolutionthe overthrowing of a government by rebels who want another kind of government
revolveto turn around in a circle
revolvera kind of pistol
rewardsomething you get in return for something you have done, such as a prize for winning a race
rhinocerosa large wild animal with very thick skin and one or two horns on its snout
rhyme(say rime) words that have the same sound at the end, like blue. Zoo and shoe
rhythm(say rithm) a regular pattern or beat of music that you can keep time to
ribone of the rounded bones between your shoulders and your waist
ribbona narrow piece of silky or velvety cloth used to make your hair or your clothes look pretty
ricethe seeds of a food plant that grows in hot countries. Rice grains are hard, but become soft when they are cooked
richhaving lots of money
ricka stack or pile of hay
ridto remove entirely
riddlea special kind of question. You have to be clever and try to guess the answer
rideto be carried on a vehicle or an animal
ridersomeone who rides
ridgea long narrow top of a hill between valleys; a narrow raised strip of something
ridiculeto make fun of or laugh at someone
riflea long gun
rightthe opposite of left and the opposite of wrong. The same word also means the correct and proper thing to say or do
right anglean angle of 90 degrees. The corners of a square are all right angles
rimthe outside edge of something round, like the rim of a wheel
rindoutward coat of trees fruit
ringa circle. Some rings are made of gold or silver and pretty stones, to be worn on your fingers. The same word also means the sound of a bell
ring-mastera man who announces the acts in a circus
rinka large circle or square of ice that you can skate on
rinseto take soap away by washing in clear water
riota noisy disturbance by a lot of people, often dangerous and violent
ripto tear something
ripeready to eat
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