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English wordsMeanings
sacka large bag made of cloth, paper or plastic
sadnot happy; feeling sorry
saddlea leather seat for a rider, which is fastened on to a horse’s back or a bicycle
safarian expedition in Africa in search of wild animals
safenot able to be hurt; out of danger. The same word also means a very strong metal box used to lock money and valuable things away safety
safetyfreedom from harm or danger
sagto sink down or bend in the middle; to hang limply or droop
sagaa long story about people and legends of olden days; a long story about a family and their family before them
saila piece of canvas fastened to a ship’s mast. Sails catch the wind so that the ship is moved along
sailora man who steers and drives a ship
sainta very good and holy person
sakecause, purpose, regard
salada mixture of cold vegetables, such as lettuce, tomatoes and beetroot. Often cold meat, fish or eggs are added to salads, and some salads have fruit in them
salarymoney paid regularly, usually every month, for work done
salethe exchange of something for money. The same word also means a period when shops sell some of their goods more cheaply
salivathe liquid that keeps the inside of your mouth moist
sallowhaving a pale, sickly yellowish colour
salta while powder we get from the earth and from sea water. It is used in cooking or at meals to make food taste better
saluteto greet someone, usually by raising your right hand to your forehead
samehot different; like something else
sampleone of, or a small part of something that shows what the rest of it is like
sandsmall grains of rock which we find in large quantities at the seaside or in the desert
sandala light shoe, held on the foot by straps
sandwichtow pieces of bread with meat or some other food between them
sanitarypertaining to or designed to secure health, hygiene
sapthe juice in plants and trees
sardinea small fish, usually sold in tins
saria long piece of cloth wrapped around the body and hanging loose over the shoulder, worn by girls and women in India
sarisfactorygood enough; pleasing
sarka shirt
sasha strip of ribbon or cloth worn round the waist or over the shoulder. The same word also means the frame of a window that slides up and down
satchela bag, used for carrying school books
satellitea planet that revolves around another larger planet, as the moon revolves around the earth
satina soft shiny material
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