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vacantempty; not lived in, like a house that people have moved away from
vacationa holiday
vaccinate(say vaksinate) to give an injection that will prevent you from getting some diseases
vacuuma space with no air in it
vagabonda wanderer, aimless, rascal
vagrantwandering, unsettled
vaguenot very clear or sure
vainthinking how pretty or good-looking you are; having a very good opinion of yourself
valiantbold, courageous, brave, heroic
valleythe low land between two hills or mountains
valuableworth a lot of money; high-priced: important
valuethe worth of something; the price or cost of something
vampirea blood-sucker, a dead person turned ghost out of the grave to suck the blood of the living ones
vana closed motor vehicle used for carrying things from place to place. The same word also means a special carriage used for luggage, mail and animals
vanea shaped piece of metal on top of a building, that swings to show which way the wind is blowing
vanishto go out of sight very quickly; to disappear
vanitytoo high an opinion of yourself
vanquishto conquer, overcome, defeat
vapourmist, steam or smoke floating in the air
variancedisagreement, dissension, discord
varietya collection of many kinds of things; a show with different kinds of entertainment
variousdifferent; many; several. Ice cream comes in various flavours
varnisha clear liquid that you paint on to wood and metal to make it look shiny
vasea pretty container for putting flowers in
vasthuge; very big; immense
vegetableany plant used for food
vehicleany form of transport with wheels
veila thin piece of netting or material, worn by women to hide their faces or to protect them from strong wind or sunshine
veinone of the very thin long tubes that carry the blood around in your body
velvetsoft warm material that looks and feels like very thin fur
ventilatora small opening in a wall to let stale air out or fresh air in
verandahan open porch with a roof, joined on to a house
versepoetry; part of a poem
vessela ship. The same word also means a container, usually for liquid
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