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What are Homophones?

Homophones are words which have same sounds, but are splet differently. In English we have many identical pairs of words which sound same, but with different spelling. Finding out the apt word is a good exercise which will help you to appreciate the language and also improve your vocabulary. Below are given some examples fo such pairs of words. Some sentences have been answered for you. Study the models and do the exercises that follow:

List of commonly used Homophonic Pairs

Homophones are words that are pronounced alike. But they differ in their meaning and spelling.

Minimal pairs are sets of words which differ by a single sound.

So little importance is given to Minimal pairs (eg. conform/confirm) and Similar-looking words (eg. goal/gaol). But as paper-setters are likely to stray into words other than homphones, a list of such words is given in the end. Here is a list of Homophones. The meanings of the words are given within brackets.

Some of the homophones are used in self illustrative phrases.

1.Cool -Every tired traveller seeks cool shade in scorching heat.
 Cold -Who does not shiver with cold?
2.Crime -Untouchability is a social crime.
 Sin -Betraying anyone is a sin.
 Vice -Addiction to drugs is a vice.
3.Refuse -The wise refuse to be entangled in the unwanted association.
 Deny -The wise never deny the factual happening.
4.Bring -Nonebrings any meterial thing when he or she is born.
 Fetch -The Principal asked the peon to fetch the stolen items.
5.Journey -The saints go on journey on foot.
 VoyageThe merchants used to go on voyage for merchandise.
6.Fatal -Rash driving causes fatal accidents.
 Fateful -The politicians miserably fail to make timely fateful decisions.
7.Rob -The highway men rob the travellers unchecked.
 Steal -The thieves steal the things if they get chance.
8.Elect -Even the notorious characters are elected in election.
 Select -The efficient and qualified candidates are selected in fair interviews.
9.Answer -The examinees have to answer the questions in examinations-hall.
 Reply -The subordinate employees have to replay to the objections and allegations.
10.Battle -Many battles were made prisoners in the battle by our army.
 War -Many battles were fought in the two world wars
11.Discover -The expert have discovered the sources of oil and petrol.
 Invent -Gramophone was invented by the eminent scientist Edison.
12.House -(Not the own building) The tenants have to leave the houses.
 Home -Home provides the sweetest (own building) pleasure while the house does not.
13.Illness -(A disease) Long illness consumes the physical vigour and energy.
 Sickness -(Generally mental state) Home-sickness is not relished and pleaded by the adventurous hearts.
14.Float -Paper and wood float on water.
 Swim -The sea-animals swim in water.
15.Sink -Iron and stones sink in water.
 Drown -Living beings drown in water if they do not know how to swim
16.Hear -Hearing is not sufficient for an inquisitive person.
 Listen -The students have to listen to their teachers.
17.Ice -Ice is used in summer in water and milk.
 Swno -The army-men have to remain on snow-covered mountains.
18.Shade -Shade of the thick tree is always soothing in summer.
 Shadow -The guilty are always afraid of their own shadows.
19.Price -Prices soar if the Government is slack in administration.
 Value -Every sensible person realizes the value of time.
20.Stop -The mail trains do not stop at all the stations.
 Stay -The guests generally do not stay for long.
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